Global Coalition against Domestic Violence (GCA-DV)




The National Indigenous Conference is scheduled to be held in the Gold Coast on 17-19 May, 2011. The conference is designed to be the largest national Indigenous gathering of community based groups, government and non-government agencies who are all devoted to highlighting and showcasing successful programs in the area of domestic violence, with the united goal of eradicating domestic violence in society through the empowerment of people and workers in the field of Domestic Violence.

Over countless generations, society has developed into what we term “our modern day lifestyle”. In years gone by, violence was part of daily life. As society has moved forward into structured communities, the incidence of intra-tribal violence has slowly faded into the past. Unfortunately one of the most destructive influences on many communities and families in particular is Domestic Violence and the abusive power by men. Although Domestic Violence is not limited to males on women and children, men are by far the biggest perpetrators.

 Many Indigenous grassroots groups and communities have worked hard in addressing the incidence of   Domestic Violence within the Indigenous community. Both non-government and government agencies have developed some great programs in addressing these problems.  The Gathering is devoted to highlighting many of these successful Domestic Violence programs from all corners and states of Australia.

Gender equalization and the abuse of rights of Indigenous women and children have also played an important role in highlighting violence within the domestic lifestyle of society. Some great initiatives have been developed to stem the incidence of domestic violence. Abuse takes place in all areas of society from the rich to the poor, from indigenous communities through to mainstream society.

This gathering will focus on issues such as psychological, physical, emotional,sexual and mental abuse, including research, community and governmental programs and dissemination of information to the whole community to provide positive outcomes.

 At the 2011 event, we have taken a decision to focus on and include indigenous works in the field. As such we are making a special invitation to Indigenous groups from around Australia. Many of these communities have strong and powerful leadership in areas of the control and prevention of domestic violence. These groups have developed superb initiatives both within their country and in their Indigenous communities.


Health Food and Nutritional Consulting


This conference aims to:

Ø  Reduce incidence of Domestic and Family Violence at all levels

Ø  Provide an open and frank forum for discussion

Ø  Lend support to individuals and families working in the field of Family and Domestic Violence

Ø  Help establish and grow a worldwide network and resources through  information sharing

Ø  Show that Domestic Violence is no longer tolerated or acceptable

Ø  To bring together men,  women and organizations as a united voice against domestic and family violence


  1.       Links between Alcoholism and Domestic Violence              
  2.       Successful Government Campaigns & projects
  3.       Links between Domestic Violence & Mental Health            
  4.       Drug Abuse and Domestic Violence in the community
  5.       Addressing Mental Health needs                  
  6.       Understanding the issues we face
  7.       Overcoming barriers to linked-up services                                         
  8.       Developing Networks to Overcome Domestic Violence
  9.       Working with the Family and Perpetrators    
  10.       Services for multiple abuse victims
  11.       Multiple forms of gender-based violence      
  12.       Domestic Violence in Indigenous Communities
  13.       Domestic Violence in Western Society         
  14.       Indigenous men and domestic violence
  15.       Safe home, safe children
  16.       Standing united as one voice
  17.       Support for women at risk of violence 






In our everyday working life, we work hard and under great stress to develop great strategies and programs for our communities. And rarely we get the chance to develop our own careers in our field of expertise without impacting on our own families. Hence, where a networking event comes along such as this which brings together people from a broad spectrum and diversity of life. Every opportunity would be made both from an individual and organization.

However because of our busy and demanding workloads, we do not access or have the opportunity to see what is just around the corner. Let alone what’s in the next town or state. This conference will take you and your organization not just to the next corner but to as far as you could possibly imagine. The event will bring Australia and even the world to your doorstep. Just ask yourself how valuable this experience  could be to see how other programs work.

The event will spotlight many of this county’s most successful programs which will provide a unique opportunity to see the power of people networking together in one place, at one time with similar goals. In creating new strategies or programs it usually takes time, manpower and yes, that thing called money. Because of our limited networking opportunities, more than likely your idea has been tried and implemented somewhere in the world and either been adopted or discarded.  

For example, in many cases it is possible that  you maybe re-inventing the wheel. Program development is an essential part of the growth of an individual and the organization. One of  the pitfalls of introducing a new program structure or idea is that the research  needs to be carried out, then adopted or discarded, hence after all the hard work the program & outcomes may not be implemented and achieved.

The conference may or may not save you or your organization time, money and manpower. However, one thing the event guarantees is the opportunity to enlarge your network and information base thus empowering the delegates to make greater informed decisions. Furthermore it has been proven time and time again that events such as this empowers and reinvigorates workers with new ideas and with enthusiasm, with a greater feeling of support and contacts that may be utilised for the betterment of their own or local community.

With the invention of the internet, affordability and comfort in international travel has brought the world closer to everybody’s doorstep and afforded networking opportunities like this to take place. With all this in mind, we invite you to not only join the network but to actively participate in the event.


The Global Coalition Against Domestic Violence (GCA-DV) was established by concerned individuals and members of community groups in the hope to establish a unified voice and vision to promote the eradication and control of domestic violence, ensure safety of victims, public awareness on services available to the survivors of domestic violence and hold perpetrators accountable of the crime they committed and to encourage development of victim sensitive laws and policies that impact the survivors of domestic violence. After the Kuala Lumpur conference, it was resolved at the meeting that the coalition needs to engaged more Indigenous people and increase its memberships and as such a worldwide small networking conferences are being established with conferences planned for 2011 in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa and Europe. The Coalition should not be seen as a political lobby groups for any one particular country or organization. In fact GCA-DV sole aim is to provide information to individuals, community based and government organizations in relation to successful programs being adopted throughout the world. Thus, this conference should be seen as training seminar and as such a certificate of attendance shall be provided at the completion of the event together with a conference CD an overview of the event to each participant and their organization.

UN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women recognizes the urgent need for universal application to women of  the rights and principles with regard to equality, security, liberty, integrity and dignity of all human beings, Affirming that violence against women constitutes a violation of the rights and fundamental freedoms of women and impairs or nullifies their enjoyment of those rights and freedoms, and concerned about the long-standing failure to protect and promote those rights and freedoms in the case of violence against women,

Recognizing that violence against women is a manifestation of historically unequal power relations between men and women, which have led to domination over and discrimination against women by men and to the prevention of the full advancement of women, and that violence against women is one of the crucial social mechanisms by which women are forced into a subordinate position compared with men,

Concerned that some groups of women, such as women belonging to minority groups, indigenous women, refugee women, migrant women, women living in rural or remote communities, destitute women, women in institutions or in detention, female children, women with disabilities, elderly women and women in situations of armed conflict, are especially vulnerable to violence certificate


To save your organization’s money, we have introduced a system of staged payments so that the earlier you register, the more your organization can save. All registration fees will go towards the staging the event and in addition to this, a draw will be conducted in which two (2) delegate's name will be chosen and then sponsored to the next global domestic violence event.

To register, please register online by clicking the registration page of this website or you can request for a registration form to be sent to you by e-mail at




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