Global Coalition against Domestic Violence (GCA-DV)




The 2010 Global Domestic Violence Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was scheduled last November 1-3, 2010. This conference was set to be the largest gathering of community groups, government and non-government agencies(NGO's) all devoted to highlighting and showcasing successful programs with the aim of empowering people and workers in the field of domestic violence. The event brought together people from all walks of life from all corners of the world. 

Over eons, society has developed into our modern day lifestyle. In years gone by violence was in every part of daily life.  However as society has moved forward into living as communities, the incidence of intra-tribal violence has slowly faded away into the past. Unfortunately, one of the most destructive influences on many communities and families in particular is domestic violence and the abusive power by men. Although domestic violence is not limited to males on women and children, men are by far the biggest abuser of this power.

Many countries and communities have worked hard in addressing the incidence of domestic violence within the community. Both government and non-government agencies have developed some great programs to solve these problems. The 2010 Domestic Violence Gathering is devoted to highlighting these successful programs from all corners of the world.

Gender equalization and the rights of women has also played an important role in highlighting violence within the home and have seen some great initiatives developed to not only steam the incidence of domestic violence but also highlighted how abuse can take place in all societies from the rich to the poor, from indigenous communities through to mainstream society. This Gathering looked at issues as research, community programs, governmental programs and the dissemination of information to the whole community with the aim of empowering individuals and communities to take action. At the 2010 event, we've also invited Indigenous groups from Australia, Malaysia and New Zealand. Many of these countries have strong and powerful leadership in the areas of control and prevention of domestic violence. These groups have developed superb initiatives both within their country and in their Indigenous communities.


  • Gender Equalization
  •  Empowering Women and Family Members
  •  Link between Alcoholism and Domestic Violence
  •  Successful Government Campaigns
  •  Link between Domestic Violence and Mental Health
  •  Drug Abuse and Domestic Violence
  •  Addressing mental health needs
  •  Understanding the issues we face
  •  Overcoming barriers to linked-up service
  •  Developing Network to Overcome Domestic Violence
  •  Domestic Violence in Indigenous Communities
  •  Working with the Family and Perpetrators
  •  Multiple forms of gender-based violence
  •  Domestic Violence in Western Society
  •  Services for multiple abuse victims
  •  Supporting women at risk of honour based violence
  •  Domestic Violence in Religious Beliefs
  • Culturally appropriate counseling
  • Dating Violence
  • Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence
  • Emotional and Verbal Abuse
  • Human Trafficking
  • Sexual Assault and Abuse
  • Stalking

THE AIMS   This conference aimed to:

  • Reduce incidence of domestic and family violence at all levels
  • Provide an open and frank forum for discussion
  • Lend support to individuals and families working in the field of family and domestic violence
  • Help establish a worldwide network by information sharing
  • Show that domestic violence is no longer tolerated in today’s world

In our everyday working life, we work hard to develop great strategies and programs. As a result of this, networks are created. However because of our busy and demanding workloads, we do not get the opportunity to see what is just around the corner. Let alone what’s in the next town, state or province.  

This conference will take you and your organization not just to the next corner but to as far as you could possibly imagine. The event will bring the world to your doorstep. Just ask yourself how valuable it would be to see how other programs work.

The event will highlight many of the world’s most successful organization and programs which will provide a unique opportunity to see the power of people networking together in one place at one time with similar goal.   

In creating new strategies or programs it usually takes time, manpower and yes, that thing called money. Because of our limited networking opportunities, it maybe like re-inventing the wheel. In many cases, somewhere in the world the idea is either been used or discarded. 

The conference may or may not save you or your organization time, money and manpower. However, one thing the event guarantee is the opportunities to enlarge your network hundreds of times thus empowering the delegates to make a greater informed decisions. Furthermore it has been proven time and time again that events such as this empowers and reinvigorates workers with new ideas and enthusiasms, new feeling of support and contacts that can be utilise for the betterment of their own or local community. 

With the invention of the Internet, affordability and comfort in international travel has brought the world closer to everybody’s doorsteps and afforded networking opportunities like this to take place. With all these in mind, we invite you to not only join the network but to participate in the event. 



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