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New Domestic Violence PSA - "It Rarely Stops" (HD) Add Video

New Domestic Violence PSA - "It Rarely Stops" (HD) USA

Posted by dvconference2010 on Mar 23, 2011 155 Views

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Reply coralie cassady
02:13 AM on April 04, 2011 
Confronting. I'm glad that someone had the insight to show it as it is! However I'm alarmed that an ever increasing number of young males are now beginning to commit similar offences. As a former volunteer within the court system I have addressed perpetrators of domestic violence face to face. Most showed genuine remorse. Shock tactics will work to a certain degree but when the shock wears off how will we address the on-going issue of domestic violence?
Reply coralie cassady
01:01 AM on April 04, 2011 
Evokes traumatic memories of the constant domestic violence that I continually suffered for some decades. However these days I'm able to address those dv issues via my poetry. Through my writing I'm able to overcome the mental trauma.
Poetry remains my emotional leaning post as I have been able to rid my inner most dv. memories by writing. I would encourage other females to try and put their thoughts regarding dv. on paper. The emotional release that follows a writing session somehow rids you of the shame that you have suffered. Once you have
conquered those horrendous memories you will feel like a different person. It has worked for me....hopefully it will do the same for you. We are no longer considered as the 'weaker' sex when it involves domestic violence. We former victims are now the stronger sex because we have the ability to overcome the horror of dv. and confront our demons!
Reply dvconference2010
12:52 AM on March 23, 2011 
Hope this helps a little in some way

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