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White Ribbon Day Every Day Conference
Professional learning for the prevention of gendered bullying and violence

The Association of Women Educators is hosting a full day conference at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Southbank, Brisbane, Queensland, on Saturday 21 May, 2011.  

We understand violence against women and girls as a complex and broad social problem associated with unequal gender and power relations and harmful constructions of masculinity.

Anywhere from one-quarter to one-third, and even up to one-half, of Australian women will experience physical or sexual violence by a man at some point in their lives. In 1999, the United Nations declared 25 November the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and the White Ribbon has become the symbol for the day. White Ribbon Day is highly positive and significant in raising awareness about this global problem and its devastating social, health and economic effects. However, as the resources associated with this Day attest, effective approaches to addressing violence against women—that promote healthy, equal relationships among boys and girls—require more than consciousness-raising on a single day.

Schools play a crucial role in addressing violence through gender just education. They are the main place where children and young people “learn, negotiate and potentially contest the norms and attitudes that encourage and maintain interpersonal violence” (Flood, Fergus and Heenan, 2009, p. 10-12).

Exploring why we should be concerned about the relationship between masculinity and violence, explaining how schools and teachers can work to disrupt this relationship, and providing guidance for the planning of long-term local projects, the program includes presentations and workshops by leading Australian experts:

·    Professor Martin Mills and Dr Amanda Keddie – Teaching Boys: Developing Classroom Practices that Work

·    Dr Debbie Ollis - A respectful relationships approach to the prevention of gender based violence in secondary school

·    Dr David Corlett and Maree Crabbe - Reality & Risk: Pornography, young people and sexuality

·    Centre Against Sexual Assault - The Sexual Assault Prevention Program for Secondary Schools

·    The National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) – Growing Respect program for primary and secondary schools

·    Centre for Non Violence - Solving the Jigsaw program for primary and secondary schools

Cost is $220, or $200 for early registration. Program details, including details of presentations, and registration form are available on the Association of Women Educators’ website

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